SeptiCleanse Septic Treatments

The Highest Rated Septic Tank Treatment

The results are in….SeptiCleanse Shock and Maintain Program is the winner!  We have been in the septic system cleaning and repair business for over 27 years and we have used all sorts of treatments.  We have NEVER seen anything that works like SeptiCleanse.  This stuff is down-right amazing.  From the power of their granular treatments, to the choices and options they offer their clients, SeptiCleanse has made septic treatment easy.  Whether you are a savvy industry veteran, or a brand new homeowner, with SeptiCleanse, you can feel confident you are using the very best.

In our years of experience we have heard septic treatment companies say just about anything and everything to earn your business. SeptiCleanse was referred to us by a friend, guy we’ve known for years.  To be honest, we had never heard of them before, sorry to say. We found the website very informative and helpful for those homeowners with less experience with these things.  With SeptiCleanse, we were able to speak directly with a representative who was knowledgeable and helpful, at no time were we being pressured to buy more or get 5 years’ worth of treatments, like so many other companies.  It truly was refreshing.

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Some of the things that jumped out to us, was that SeptiCleanse was not trying to sell us a “One-Size-Fits All” septic shock treatment.  Truthfully, no all septic tanks need massive amounts of treatment.  When you consider the price on effective septic shock treatments, it’s nice to have a few smaller, less expensive options to choose from.  Furthermore, the ability to be billed automatically, but only if we wanted to, to have our monthly treatment delivered was a fantastic option for those of us on a fixed income.  AND it serves as the perfect reminder to treat your system.

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Best Septic Treatment Available is You

Homeowner is the Best Septic Treatment Available

The search for the best septic treatment usually begins after a homeowner has a problem.  Occasionally, homeowners are very proactive with their septic systems, what products they use, what steps they take all directly impact the performance of their septic system.  Experts agree, that while there are fantastic septic treatments out there to fix your existing problem, the best septic treatment in the long run is making sure that you, the homeowner, take care of the system.

In order to take care of a septic system, you need to understand the septic system.  This is no major project, understanding septic systems is fairly easy.  But if you do not understand the way that septic systems work, it is very difficult to find the best septic treatment and even harder to keep the problem from coming back.  Septic systems come in different shapes, designs and sizes, but essentially they are all the same.  There is a pipe that leaves your home and deposits the waste water paper products and waste into the tank.  Your tank may be one compartment or multiple compartments, depending on the age. Continue reading

Avoid Liquid Septic Treatments

Liquid Septic Treatments Proven Less Effective to Restore Drain Field

Septic Treatments come in many varieties and prices.  Some are designed to prevent problems, some are designed to reverse existing problems.  Some septic treatments are granular and others a liquid.  So how does a homeowner know which septic treatment is right for them?  Our experts explain that each septic problem is unique and has its own set of special circumstances, which can make fixing the issue difficult.  Each expert did, however, agree that regardless of how mild or severe your septic problem may be, it is best to treat your septic system with a granular septic treatment.

Liquid septic treatments take the path of least resistance through your system.  They slide down the drain, into the septic tank where it mixes with the rest of the 1000-1500 gallon tank full of liquid.  Once there, it along with the rest of the waste water, the treatment travels out through the lateral lines and is deposited back into the soil, where it can no longer do your system any good.  Granular treatments, however, settle throughout the system.  Some in the interior piping, some in the septic tank, others are deposited along the lateral lines and in the drain field.  These granules settle setting up colonies of microbes that keep the bacteria counts high in your system for weeks after the treatment is applied vs. days with similar strength liquid septic treatments. Continue reading

Septic Products Take How Long to Fix Drain Field?

What Time Frame Can Homeowners Expect From Septic Products

Septic products can vary a great deal from brand to brand.  Furthermore, the extent of the problem your septic system has plays a very large role in expectations pertaining to time frame.  If your septic drain field is clogged, and a load of laundry overwhelms the system, then you have a more severe problem, the amount of time it takes depends on how strong of a treatment you purchased.  If your system seems to be functioning fairly well, but has an odor, or is sluggish when stressed, you may find that results are just a couple days away.  Septic products come in all shapes and sizes as do septic problems.  See what our panel of experts have to say about what time frame homeowners can expect success for septic products.

Let’s start by examining your problem.  Walk the drain field.  Is the soil in the yard, moist, is the grass greener over the “fingers” of the leach bed?  Moist  soil and green grass indicate that there is an accumulation of organic waste building up in the drain field.  This could be the beginning of a much larger problem if it has not already become one.  If you probe into the soil in the moist or green area, you should be able to find a blackish, spongy material.  It is almost like soil or mud, but darker usually in color.  This is bio mat.  Bio mat clogs and destroys septic systems if left untreated. Continue reading

Recent Rains Affecting Septic Systems Nationwide

Rains Affecting Septic Systems Nationwide

If you own a septic system and live in many parts across this country, chances are you are finding out the condition of your drain field right now.  With rain falls way ahead of normal in many parts of the country, septic system owners find themselves scrambling around trying to get their hands on effective treatment.  For homeowners with septic systems rains have always been problematic, but with the frequency of recent rains affecting the septic systems is at a high point.  Surprisingly, not all homeowners are aware of how rains affect septic systems, and are not sure what steps to take to get rid of the problem.  Our author takes a few minutes to break down the situation and advise as to the proper steps each of us should be taking.

99% of the time that there is a septic problem, the issue has developed in the drain field.  Some people call this the leach bed, other systems use cesspools, however it is the drain area of the system that has the issue.  You see what happens is that over time, tiny particles of waste makes its way through your system (logical enough) and reaches the soil.  The soil, acting like a filter, stops the waste at the point of contact.  These waste particles accumulate there in the soil until it develops what is called bio mat.  It is a layer of organic build up in the soil surrounding your drain field lines.  This build up absorbs water, but prevents any further water from draining once saturated.   Continue reading

Roots Septic Problem or Bio Mat in the Drain Field?

Roots Septic Problem or Bio Mat Causing Your Septic Issues

Septic systems struggle as they get older.  Most specifically, the drain fields, leach fields or cesspools are the portion of the system that suffers the most.  Sludge, gunk and organic build up can slow down the drainage of your system significantly over time.  In some instances, roots are also present within the drain field making matters worse.  For years, septic contractors have been convincing customers that roots are at the source of their problems; leaving them no reliable option other than having that same contractor come in and do some work to repair your system.  The reality, however, is that while in some instances, roots can be a problem for your septic system, far more often than not, Bio Mat is at the source of your septic problem.

Let me be clear here, no one is saying that theory that roots cause problems for septic systems is a myth.  It is real, however, very rarely is the root problem alone the issue.  Large roots can bend and break drain lines causing major problems.  More often than not, it is the tiny web of roots in the drain lines that causes the issues.  These web like roots can span across drain lines, catching, filtering and accumulating particles of paper, and solid waste. Continue reading

Septic System Treatment Season Has Begun

Septic System Treatment Season Begins

Summer months are always a great time for out door gatherings.  From back yard BBQ and pool parties, to dinners on the patio with family and friends, everyone likes to be outside enjoying the weather.  Foul Septic Odor and Smell, however, can put a damper on summer activities.  Homeowners everywhere have begun their septic system treatment, in order to have everything running as smooth as possible during the coming months.  Septic System Treatment can come in many forms and price ranges, but what is most important is to be sure that we are doing something.

For those of you who have newer systems, chances are you are just looking for a maintenance type septic system treatment.  Essentially, these are monthly boosts of bacteria and enzymes designed to supplement the naturally occurring bacteria within your septic tank.  Healthy levels of bacteria means efficient digestion of solids, fats and grease and paper within the system.  The faster your system breaks down the waste, the less troubles your septic system will have.  That goes for odor too.

Many homeowners, however, are not dealing with newer systems.  Their systems have been in use for many years.  Some of them work well, others not so well and a large percentage of septic systems land somewhere in the middle.  Anyone that has ever had a septic system problem can tell you, that it is no fun to deal with.  Pumping out your tank is always a good idea, however often times it does not actually resolve the problem.  It just eliminates it for a while. Continue reading

Drain Field in Sloping Yards

Drain Field Grade Causing Wetness in Yard

Over the course of the past decade or so, many drain field problems have developed due to a change in the grade of soil in many homeowners’ yards.  Whether it is due to rain, natural erosion or the ever changing landscape of earth, your drain field is not working as well as it used to.  Some of the older septic systems were installed and drain fields were laid without considering a change in the grade or slope in 20 or 30 or more years.  As a result, many homeowners face increased wetness in areas of the yard, and this wetness often times has an odor that is awful.  Our experts examine the changing grade issue and offer consumers tips to help offset some of the flooding, and avoid spending thousands of a new drain field at this stage in the game.

For some people, budget does not play a role in decision making, for the rest of us it is critical  Understand, you can absolutely call up the contractors, have them come out and re-landscape the entire yard, replace and repair the drain field and most likely the tank.  Keeping up with county and state code nowadays can be expensive, especially when you are replacing an older system and more changes are typically needed.  This option will undoubtedly cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, BUT it will work.  Your system will running like new….because it is new.  Anyone who tells you that this is a bad idea is a moron, of course a new system is a great option.  Whether or not you can afford it or want to spend that kind of money is a whole other issue. Continue reading

Can Your Trust Your Septic Contractor?

Can You Trust Your Septic Contractor?

The question of trusting your septic contractor is not a new concern for homeowners.  It is hard to ignore the conflict of interest of getting advice about septic repairs or treatment from the guy who benefits from you paying for those repairs.  Its like asking a used car salesman if the car you are considering buying is reliable.  Now, do not confuse me to be saying that all septic contractors give false advice in order to gain profit, I am not saying that.  There are plenty of honest and upstanding septic contractors.  All that I am saying is that EVERYONE needs to provide for themselves and their family, so take whatever advice or quotes they provide as what is is, an option.

Wear and tear is normal for septic systems.  Septic Contractors know this so when they are pumping it is common for there to be some “symptoms”  that your system isn’t running as smooth as it was in years past.  Some septic contractors will report these problems after they service the system, others prefer to show you so that you can see the issue, and motivate you to act. Continue reading

Leach Field Failing – How Did This Happen?

Leach Field – How Long ’till Your Leach Field Fails?

We know they are out there in our yard, filtering waste water back into the soil.  We may not pay much attention to them on a daily basis, but when your leach field begins to fail, you stand up and pay attention.  To put things in perspective for those of you who are just beginning your leach field research, replacing your leach field can cost anywhere from 5 thousand up to 20-25 thousand and some areas.  Let me give you a minute to soak that in.  On a long enough time line, every single leach field will fail, unless homeowners take steps to prevent such failure.

Many homeowners do not know that your leach field is a ticking financial time bomb will go off at some point in the life of a septic system.  Some last 10 years, while others will perform well beyond 30 years, but depending on the age of the home your leach field might be fast approaching failure.  Understanding how a leach field, and a septic system of course, works is essential to understanding what steps you can take to prolong the life of your leach field.  So for those beginners out there, here is a quick overview. Continue reading

Best Septic Treatment Buying Tips

Best Septic Treatment Buying Tips

You have decided that you want to avoid replacing the septic system.  You want to purchase the best septic treatment, but do not want to be ripped off spending hundreds on a product that does not work for your home.  The Best Septic Treatments are not only the brands who’s products work the best, but also which treatments are the best for your particular septic problems.  If you are looking for the best septic treatment, follow these quick steps to make sure you treat you troubled system with the best septic treatment available.

1.  Assess the situation – I know having a septic system back up or smell is gross, but you need to decide how severe the problem is.  This is no time to be optimistic.  The best septic treatments will come in two strengths…shock treatments and maintenance treatments.  Both will do the job, but the shock treatments are designed to work very quickly to restore your septic system to proper function.  Ask yourself, honestly, how long your septic system has been having problems.  What are your plans long term for the home?  Is the system older and been receiving limited maintenance and pump outs?  Be honest with yourself and nip the problem in the rear with the best septic treatment designed for your type of problem. Continue reading

Septic Defender Review

Septic Defender Review - Best Value Septic Treatment

Septic Defender Septic Products are one of the fastest growing septic product company on the market.  Septic Defender offers both shock treatments as well as septic maintenance products.  Granular Shock Treatments and maintenance treatments are offered, no over rated liquid treatments here.  This is the real deal. .  We were blown away by the results…its fast, its effective and most importantly, it finished the job.  You don’t need to worry about leach fields backing up again with Septic Defender, that’s for sure.  This is one of the most impressive septic treatments our experts have ever seen.   But what really caught our attention most about Septic Defender was the pricing and program options.  Continue reading

Septic Products Save Elderly Woman’s Home

Septic Products Rescue Septic System, Save Home

Septic Products are not typically in the spot light.  Sure millions of homeowners have used septic products to rescue their septic system for years, but seldom do they get the credit or accolades they deserve.  If septic products do what they are supposed to do, homeowners save thousands of dollars and say nothing.  If the product fails to do what it claims, homeowners are left feeling ripped off by the septic product company, rather than seeing their problem as too far gone.

As is often the case with social media nowadays, I was on Facebook one day not too long ago and I saw a story come across my feed which was interesting.  An elderly woman, on fixed income, was struggling to pay her bills.  Although she had never missed a payment, she had very little extra money for other expenses and when her septic system began to back up, she ignored the problem, hoping that it would go away on its own.   Continue reading

Septic System Problem – What’s the Next Step

Septic System Problem – What’s the Next Step

You have a septic system problem.  While you have known things were not right for a while, you are finally coming to the realization that the problem is not going to go away on its own.  You have a septic system problem, it is not the end of the world.  It is, however, important that you know what steps to take to deal with your septic system problem without over paying.

First of all, we understand that you are not a septic expert.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to be.  But you do need to keep your head on straight and be prepared to ask the right questions and examine all of the options that you have.  First things first, you are most likely going to be calling a septic contractor.  Typically they come out to pump out the system.  This can be somewhat expensive (few hundred dollars, depending on your area), and while it may not be needed, it is usually a good idea to get a struggling system pumped out regardless of what direction you choose to go to fix your septic system problem. Continue reading

Restore Septic System Naturally

Restore Septic System Naturally

Restore Septic System is generally considered a major headache.  To replace a failing drain field can cost thousands and as surprising as it may be most homeowners do not believe that they can restore septic system any other way.  To be honest, most of the public opinion is based upon products that promise to restore septic system but do not deliver.  Brands like RID X  and CLR septic treatment are readily available at your local grocery or hardware store.  These products, however, are not built to restore septic system or reverse existing damage, only to prevent future buildup.  Problem is, over time, consumers begin to believe that all septic treatments are RID X, and that if that one brand didn’t help, then the only remaining option is to spend thousands on septic system replacement. Continue reading