RID X Septic System Treatment

rid x septic system treatment

Summary of RID X Septic System Treatment:

As we are reviewing septic treatments and offering opinions on the brands most visible to consumers, it would be kind of hard to ignore RID X septic system treatment.  Most industry professionals do not consider RID X a serious option for consumers despite the fact that it is sold in many retail stores nationwide.  RID X septic cleaner, however, continues to increase sales volume and are reaching record numbers.  So is RID X a real septic treatment solution for homeowners or are they reaping the benefits of being readily available, and consumers simply don’t know any better?

The major concerns with RID X come from the fact that it is generally sold in half gallon or 1 gallon containers. While sometimes available as a granular treatment, It is usually a liquid septic treatment and as such its performance is subject to the amount of water the home consumers following treatment.  See how Rid-X compared to other TOP Performing Brands

For example, homeowner A wakes up Saturday morning and begins his morning chore list.  First on the list, apply RID X septic system treatment to the toilet.   The problem ensues when the household then has multiple showers or a load of laundry done.  Both of which are normal Saturday activities.  That same liquid treatment you applied, is then flooded directly out of your system into your drain field.  Waste of time and money.

Now that’s the knock on RID X septic system treatment.  It should be stated that RID X has been being chosen by consumers for decades and it is clearly among largest providers of septic treatments throughout the country.  While experts swear that has to do availability it is hard to argue with the numbers.  True, recent years has brought about smaller organizations that are dedicated to delivering the very best septic treatments, and as such sales volume of these companies is on the rise.  But how do you argue with the continued dominance over decades, it is tough, but it must be done.

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The reality is that the normal activities and water consumption of homes has changed completely over the past 10-20 years.  Water consumption is at an all-time high, as is the use of anti-bacterial soaps, scented detergents and disinfectants.  This combination upsets the bacterial function of your septic system dramatically and renders products like the RID X septic system treatment relatively ineffective.  The only alternative would be to return life to the 1950’s, and we both know that is not going to happen.

If you are looking for a septic treatment that works, and delivers treatment you can count on, you should really consider a granular septic treatment like our Best Septic Treatment, or others just like it.  They are designed to work in todays’ households and will deliver the lasting dose your septic system so desperately needs.