Septic Defender Review

Septic Defender Review - Best Value Septic Treatment

Septic Defender Septic Products are one of the fastest growing septic product company on the market.  Septic Defender offers both shock treatments as well as septic maintenance products.  Granular Shock Treatments and maintenance treatments are offered, no over rated liquid treatments here.  This is the real deal. .  We were blown away by the results…its fast, its effective and most importantly, it finished the job.  You don’t need to worry about leach fields backing up again with Septic Defender, that’s for sure.  This is one of the most impressive septic treatments our experts have ever seen.   But what really caught our attention most about Septic Defender was the pricing and program options. 

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Septic Defender is one of the most impressive septic treatments we have seen.  Their fast acting shock treatments are priced hundreds less than the competition, and homeowners lose next to nothing in performance.  Clogged drain fields, sand mound, cesspools, etc  are no match for Septic Defender, the shock treatment cuts through grease,  paper, solid waste, fats and just about anything organic; digesting, opening up and restoring the septic system.

Even Better, Septic Defender offers a savings of $100 off the shock treatment if you sign up for monthly maintenance deliveries.  With this option, each month a delivery will come to you in the mail, for a minimal fee, you open the package, flush the packets, and your done!  You can feel confident in knowing your system is getting all the maintenance it needs to prevent further problems down the line.

If you are looking for a septic treatment that is guaranteed to work and doesn’t break the bank, Septic Defender is definitely worth your consideration.  Head and shoulders above most septic treatments on the market, Septic Defender will work on any system in any condition.  Overall, we rated Septic Defender just behind our top rated product.  Main reason for that was speed, Septic Defender took a few days longer to begin to see results.  In the long run, the overall restoration results were similar, and at this price, its no wonder Septic Defender is the fastest growing septic treatment on the market!